Workshops & Consultations

Workshops & Consultation

Writing in November, Saturday, November 12, 9-noon, at the Lyons Regional Library. Register here.

Some writers thrive in groups; others prefer to work individually with a mentor or teacher. Because writing connects personal experiences with the world around us, it lends itself to a variety of instructional and organizational modes. With over 25 years experience teaching writing for classroom and community education, I love facilitating small groups in collaborative writing practice, reciprocal inspiration, and mutually productive feedback. I also love working closely with authors to jumpstart ideas, organize and edit essays and books, or polish manuscripts for submission. Whatever your needs, I’m happy to provide a structure for your best writing practice.

Stonebridge Farm also offers reposeful rooms for guided or solo writing retreats in a renovated granary at the edge of a meadow to inspire the free flow of words in nature.

Contact me to discuss how I can help facilitate your writing practice!